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11-20-2000, 03:13 AM
Dear all,

Just wanted to add one additional note to Morgan's summary of the JVC 9x00
digital camcorders.

We purchased a JVC 9500 several months ago (NTSC version). It differs from
the 9800 in two important respects (as follows):

1. The 9500 only splits the image into top and bottom halves to achieve a
maximum capture rate of 120 Hz (the 9800 splits into quarters to give 240

2. The 9500 has a "maximum shutter speed" of 1/500 second (the 9800's
maximum is 1/250 s).

Point #2 is an unfortunate fact about the 9800. Why did JVC "cripple" the
9800 in this regard? 1/500 is almost fast enough for many applications
(although we use our analog S-VHS camcorders regularly at 1/1000 s with
bright light). I think 1/250 is pushing it and will not stop many blurred

Does anyone know if the JVC 9500 is still available? We would like to buy a
second one, and are not considering the 9800 because of the 1/250 s
limitation. Are there other cameras out there in the same price range that
give you both high frame rate (240 Hz) and "fast" shutter speed (faster than



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Dear all,

I have attached a summary of the mail I received regarding the questions I
posted on the list about 'high speed cameras'. May I thank those who
replied, they were all a great help. For those of you who showed interest
and are in the same position as us, we, at present are still considering the
JVC 9800. However, we intend testing them ourselves with the aid of our tech

. .

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