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unknown user
11-22-2000, 05:36 AM
Hi folks,

I interested in motorcycle helmets and I want to consider the biomechanics of
the head and neck as it moves in response to a violent blow on the helmet. I
have found reams of papers describing the biomechanics of the head during a
severe indirect impact (many involving volunteers in impact sled tests) but
none so far that deal with direct impact. I have also found impressive rigid
body models of the head and neck (by Huston, Huang and de Jaeger, if anyone
wants any references I'll forward them) but again they focus on indirect impact

I was intrigued by work I found that tracked the instanteous centre of rotation
of the head as a volunteer pivotted it back and forth. If anyone knows of
similar data regarding involuntary motion due to a direct blow to the head, I'd
love to get a look at it.

I've tried pubmed and web of science but any search string I formulate seems to
either draw a blamk or pull up the indirect impact work I mentioned earlier.


John D.Finan

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