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Perioris Kostas
11-23-2000, 02:55 AM
I'm a student at the University of Patra in my last year doing my
diploma thesis.The subject of my thesis is mannequin(virtual actor)
control.We use the 3Space FASTRAK system.What I'm trying to find is a
way to get from the data of the sensors(x,y,z and 3 angles) to angles of
the joints of the mannequin in order to move it,to give motion.
I was just searching the internet when I found this site and read about
you and a response you had given about FASTRAK and joint angle
calculation.Now I don't know if you have the time to help me but i was
wondering whether you could send me some information or names of sites
or books where i could find specific and analytical information about
this kind of transformation(How we use the inverse kinematics,what
equations and matrices we use,to get from the sensors' data to joint
Please forgive me if I'm being bothersome,I know you have more important
things to do.Let me know if you've read my mail.
My email address is:Perioris@lms.mech.upatras.gr

with regards,
Kostas Perioris

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