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Jasmine Lee Taketa
11-25-2000, 02:23 PM
Dear Listserve Members,

The following was posted on the Orthotics and Prosthetics Listserve.
Perhaps someone on this list can help Ms. Bruning.

**Please reply to her directly at JLAiken50@aol.com.**

Hello, I'm writing because I thought you might be able to help with a
problem. My fiancee has some symptoms and his doctors have been unable to
determine the cause. His hands often shake or tremble and twitch. Between
the thumb and forefinger there is no muscle. He is a large strong man yet he
has no grip strength. This developed when he was 21 or so and the trembling
has increased. He has been prescribed muscle relaxants but no treatment of
any kind has been offered. Do you have any suggestions as to where we might
go for help with this problem? Any guidance whatsoever would be greatly
appreciated. We are absolutely without direction and fearful that this may
be a signature of a serious condition. I currently reside in New York and he
is in Colorado, but we would be willing to travel in order to have this
problem investigated. It might help you to know that he was an Olympic-class
boxer ( I thought this might point to hand arm vibration syndrome due to bag
punching, extreme pressure etc.)
Thank you for your time.
Laurie Bruning
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