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unknown user
11-19-1992, 12:28 AM
* Biomechanics Job Vacancy *

Oxford Metrics is one of very few companies to specialize in human
biomechanics. We supply kinematic measurement systems based on 3D video
photogrammetry, plus a full range of analytical software for kinematic,
dynamic, and electromyographic analysis of human movement.
During the last 2 years, the number of hospitals using these techniques
for routine clinical treatment, particularly cerebral palsy, has increased
substantially. As a consequence, we are expanding our customer support
services. These include installation,training, and rapid response to
any problem that would otherwise prevent a laboratory from providing
a reliable clinical service.

Ideally, we are looking for someone with a very broad range of expertise,
including clinical biomechanics and kinesiology, computer and
network system operation and problem solving, and a basic understanding of
video and digital equipment; in other words, the skills that are often
learned through working in a biomechanics research laboratory.

The job is based in Baton Rouge, LA, so you will need to be a US resident
or hold a relevant US work permit.

If you would like more details, please contact us by E-mail on:

or by fax on:

504-767-2083 (US) or
-44-865-240527 (non-US)

Edi Cramp and Julian Morris