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12-13-2000, 05:01 AM
sorry i've taken so long in posting a summary.
unfortunately, no one could suggest any journal article which directly
addressed my question, but i hope to get somewhere with these general

so for those who're interested in the subject:

- Bartlett, J. P., Gessel, G. R., Voloshin, A. S, Tsao, P-H. (1992).
Fringe Moire'
Interferometry on Bovine Cortical Bone Compact Tension Specimens. 1992 Society
of Experimental
Mechanics Congress, Las Vegas.

- Cambridge Studies in Modern Optics 6
Holograghic and Speckle Interferometry, second edition,
written by R. Jones & C. Wykes
Cambridge University Press 1989
ISBN 0-521-34878-1

-"Strain Measurement in Biomechanics" Edited by Miles and Tanner (Publisher
Capman & Hall)

- There is a very good book by Gary Cloud entitled "Optical Methods of
Engineering Analysis published by the Cambridge University
>Press (copyright 1995) which is an excellent general reference.

- I know of some studies using holographic interferometry to measure cranial
>"deformations". Don't know if this is of use.
>Spetzler R, Spetzler H. J Neurosurg 1980, 52: 825-826
>Hewitt AB. Br J Orthodont 1977, 4: 39-41
>Kragt G. J Biomech 1979, 2: 905-910
>Lee KG, Ryu YK, Park YC, Rudolph DJ. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 1997,
>111: 623-632

- Theocaris Pericles S.
Moire Fringes in strain analysis
Pergamon Press Oxford 1969
Library od Congress Catalog Card No 68-26949

- A more recent handbook:
Patorski K.
handbokk of the moire fringe technique
Elsevier Amsterdam 1993
ISBN: 0 444 88823 3

- Qin Y-X, McLeod KJ, Guilak F, Chiang F-P, Rubin CT. Correlation of Bony
to the Distribution of Stress and Strain Parameters Surrounding a
Implant. Journal of Orthopedic Research, 14:862-870, 1996.

One book which I have been reading is titled High Sensitivity Moire by
Daniel Post, Bongtae Han, and Peter Ifju; Springer, 1994.

Thank you all for your suggestions !



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