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Janez Rozman, Ph. D.
12-18-2000, 07:49 PM
Dear sirs,

ITIS d. o. o. Ljubljana, Centre for Implantable Technology and Sensors is a partner in the EU NeuralPRO project. According to reserch activities in the project we would like to recruit a postdoc candidate interested in further development of the model and stimulating/recording multielectrode spiral cuffs for functional selective stimulation of peripheral nerves of automic neural system. We would like to ask you to put attached advertisement on your home page.

Best regards,

Janez Rozman, Ph. D., Director

Post doctoral specialization

ITIS d. o. o. Ljubljana, Centre for Implantable Technology and Sensors,

part of the EU NeuralPRO project

Starting date: Any time.

Title of the project

Selective stimulation of peripheral nerves and

recording electrical activity

Candidates (requirements are specified below) should contact Janez Rozman, sending a short application letter and CV:

dr. Janez Rozman, Director

ITIS d. o. o. Ljubljana

Centre for Implantable

Technology and Sensors

Lepi pot 11

1000 Ljubljana

Republic of Slovenia

E-mail: janez.rozman@guest.arnes.si

URL: www2.arnes.si/~ljitis1/

Tel: ++386 1 470 19 13, Fax.: ++386 1 470 19 39

Description of the project

In the field of research considering the possibilities in the application of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) of the autonomic nervous system interest is relatively big. This is evident from the few actually very good but not numerous publications in literature. Even less has been done in research involving recording of superficial electrical activity (ENG) from peripheral nerves of the autonomic nervous system as they are, for instance, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves innervating the pancreas.

Since the discovery of insulin in the early twenties, research has been concentrated on the elucidation of the mechanisms controlling secretion of hormones by the pancreas. Several recent reviews have dealt with the myriad of chemical factors known to affect these hormones, but none have dealt with the great deal of possibilities enabled by the method of FES of both whole trunks of peripheral nerves of the autonomic nervous system and selective stimulation of their different superficial regions.

Hypothesis of the project is that with FES of superficial regions of nerves innervating the intact pancreas of a dog it is possible to influence secretion of the hormones glucagon and insulin in different mutual ratios into the blood and that it is possible to increase secretion of insulin in a diabetic dog. The hypothesis is also that it is possible to record information from superficial regions of nerves innervating the pancreas.

The research is part of the NeuralPRO research training network, financed from the EU Human Potential program and will involve close cooperation with several European partners.

Required background of Ph.D. student:

a.. The candidate should have an D.Sc. in one of the following fields: Medical, Biomedical or Electrical Emgineering.

b.. The candidate should have background in several of the following fields: Medical, Biomedical Engineering and Neurophysiology. He/she should be interested and willing to supplement knowledge in the other fields, especially Endocrinology.

c.. national of an EU state (non-Slovenian) or national of a state associated to the EU below the age of 34 (requirement in the EU Human Potential program)

Job description

A job of the candidate will be further theoretical development of the model of selective stimulation of autonomous nerves innervating the pancreas of a dog, other internal organs including cardio-vascular system and glands, development of multielectrode stimulating/recording spiral cuffs and other types of stimulating and recording electrodes and conduction of animal experiments.

Duration of employment

6 months

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