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12-20-2000, 01:09 AM
This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.
Please note that this posting contains nothing about centrifugal forces. ;-)

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
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Cavanagh, Peter R.; Ulbrecht, Jan S.; Caputo, Gregory M.
New developments in the biomechanics of the diabetic foot.
Diabetes-Metabolism Research and Reviews. September-October, 2000.
16(Suppl. 1):S6-S10.

Galli, M.; Crivellini, M.; Sibella, F.; Montesano, A.; Bertocco, P.;
Parisio, C.
Sit-to-stand movement analysis in obese subjects.
International Journal of Obesity. November, 2000. 24(11):1488-1492.

Wang, X.; Verriest, J. P.; Lebreton-Gadegbeku, B.; Tessier, Y.; Trasbot, J.
Experimental investigation and biomechanical analysis of lower limb
movements for clutch pedal operation.
Ergonomics. September, 2000. 43(9):1405-1429.

Calvin-Figuiere, Sarah; Romaiguere, Patricia; Roll, Jean-Pierre.
Relations between the directions of vibration-induced kinesthetic
illusions and the pattern of activation of antagonist muscles.
Brain Research. 27 October, 2000. 881(2):128-138.

Gandevia, Simon C.; Taylor, Janet L.; Butler, Jane E.
Stopping exercise: Role of pulmonary C fibers and inhibition of
News in Physiological Sciences. October, 2000. 15(October):241-245.
Dounskaia, N.; Van Gemmert, A. W. A.; Stelmach, G. E.
Interjoint coordination during handwriting-like movements.
Experimental Brain Research. November, 2000. 135(1):127-140.

Yucesoy, Kemal; Crawford, Neil R.
Increase in spinal canal area after inverse laminoplasty: An anatomical study.
Spine. November 1, 2000. 25(21):2771-2776.

Spiegel, David A.; Cunningham, Bryan W.; Oda, Itaru; Dormans, John P.;
McAfee, Paul C.; Drummond, Denis S.
Anterior vertebral screw strain with and without solid
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Spine. November 1, 2000. 25(21):2755-2761.

Panjabi, Manohar M.; Kato, Yoshihiko; Hoffman, Hans; Cholewicki, Jacek;
Krag, Martin.
A study of stiffness protocol as exemplified by testing of a burst
fracture model in sagittal plane.
Spine. November 1, 2000. 25(21):2748-2754.

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Biomechanical study on the effect of twisted human patellar tendon.
Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2000. 15(10):756-760.

Shirazi-Adl, A.; Parnianpour, M.
Load-bearing and stress analysis of the human spine under a novel
wrapping compression loading.
Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2000. 15(10):718-725.

Davis, K. G.; Marras, W. S.
The effects of motion on trunk biomechanics.
Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2000. 15(10):703-717.

Toth, Jeffrey M.; Seim, Howard B., ; Schwardt, Jeffrey D.; Humphrey, Wendy
B.; Wallskog, Joel A.; Turner, A. Simon.
Direct current electrical stimulation increases the fusion rate of spinal
fusion cages.
Spine. October 15, 2000. 25(20):2580-2587.

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Pathology of the synovium.
American Journal of Clinical Pathology. November, 2000. 114(5):773-784.

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Effect of in vitro testing over extended periods on the low-load
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Vogel, Felix; Gemballa, Sven.
Locomotory design of 'cyclostome' fishes: Spatial arrangement and
architecture of myosepta and lamellae.
Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) July, 2000. 81(3):267-283.

Irschick, Duncan J.
Comparative and behavioral analyses of preferred speed: Anolis lizards as
a model system.
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. July-August, 2000. 73(4):428-437.

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