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Réda El Andaloussi
12-21-2000, 04:45 PM
Hi all,

I am conducting a research among our community of Rolfers and Structural
Integrators, for software (or hardware+Software) that would integrate
Posture, Gait, and Movement Analysis, for "Before/After" comparisons.

I have stumbled in the process into the Biomechanics and Movement Science
list server, and I searched the database.

The closest thing I found on this forum is Laura's summary of responses
concerning a standard in Posture Evaluation. >Summary of Responses: POSTURE
STANDARDIZATION From: Laura Rocchi Mon, 14 Feb 2000<

In my search for a computer system, I am also looking for a "standard", not
so much an absolute theoretical standard such as in Laura's original search,
but the best technological compromises available, usable by non-high
academic profiles, yet trained and physiologically aware Postural Workers;
not just to produce our professional data for the health care establishment
with individual clients files, but also to eventually be able to offer our
professional compiled data to wider analysis with other professions.
Structural Integration or Rolfing happens to generally do wonders with both
Posture and Movement, as they are our two single most important goals. I am
confident that our overall professional data would gain at being measured in
as standard a fashion as possible, as it would make the format of our data
compatible with that of other specialties, and that would help us establish
our profession where it stands technically, among other health or
alternative health professions.

The reason I am saying this is I want to invite members of this forum to
think along these lines:
- An integrated system that measures Static Posture as well as Gait and
possibly other movements.
- A system that either is a current standard among professionals, schools,
and clinics, or has the best chances of becoming the next standard, because
of the precision, the extensiveness, the relevancy of the parameters
measured, but also because most professionals of the overall Posture and
Movements are more and more using it.
- [And of course, the price of a walkman :) ]

I would appreciate any insight.

Thanks in advance.

I will send a 'Summary of Responses', as it seems to be the custom, on this


Réda EL ANDALOUSSI, Certified Massage Therapist, Structural Integrator

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