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12-21-2000, 09:10 PM
Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantships Available
Computational Motor Control, Rehabilitation Robotics and
Humanoid Robotics

at the University of Southern California

We are looking for outstanding Ph.D. graduate students for interdisciplinary
projects in the area of computational motor control, rehabilitation robotics,
and humanoid robotics. The projects will be conducted in collaboration with
Dr. Auke Ijspeert (USC, Computer Science and Neuroscience), Dr. Stefan Schaal
(USC, Computer Science and Neuroscience), and Dr. Carolee Winstein (USC,
Kinesiology, Rehabiliation, and Neuroscience) and also the Kawato Dynamic
Brain Project at ATR in Japan.

The Ph.D. graduate students will receive a Research Assistantship and join
and interdisciplinary team of researchers to work on topics of movement
imitation, developing graphical simulations for motor control, movement
rehabilitation with stroke-patients, models of human motor control and
learning, and computational neuroscience for motor control in general.

In the course of this work, a Ph.D. can be obtained in either Computer
Science (with focus Neural Computation), Biomedical Engineering,
Computational Neuroscience, or Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.

The successful candidate should have a good background in basic
mathematics and statistics and a strong interest in the topics of
motor control and computational neuroscience. Experimental skills
are highly desirable, and proficiency in the use of computers,
C-programming, and use of tools like Matlab and Mathematica are needed.
The candidate will be required to pass the graduate admission of the
department of her/his choice.

The openings will be filled ASAP. Please, contact Dr. Ijspeert
(ijspeert@usc.edu), Dr. Schaal (sschaal@usc.edu), or Dr. Winstein
(winstein@hsc.usc.edu) for inquiries. An official application including
an up-to-date CV, statement of interest, transcripts, and three letters
of recommendation will be required and sent to:

Dr Auke Ijspeert
University of Southern California
Hedco Neuroscience Bdg, 3641 Watt Way, MC 2520
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520, USA

Please, also visit our web pages at:


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