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12-26-2000, 05:04 AM
The Motor Control Laboratory at the NeuroMuscular Research Center of
Boston University has a post-doctoral opening. Our experimental
studies combine biomechanics, psychophysics and electromyography to
try to understand how the nervous system controls voluntary movement.
The laboratory is involved in a number of ongoing research studies.
Our facilities include a motor driven manipulandum for studying
single-degree of freedom movements at the elbow and an Optotrak
system for the study of less constrained movements.

We are located in Boston, along the Charles River. The Lab is part of
a Center which focuses are a variety of areas related to muscle
function, motor control and rehabilitation. We are funded by the NIH.

A candidate should have experience in one or more of the areas listed
above and be interested in spending a least two years, participating
in ongoing experiments and developing new projects. The starting date
is negotiable but late spring is a median target.

Some relevant publications that describe what we do can be found in
pdf format by visiting the laboratory web site at

Please send a letter, Vita and names of 3 references to me by email
or paper at the address below.
__________________________________________________ _________________
| Gerald Gottlieb (617) 358-0719
| NeuroMuscular Research Center 353-9757
| Boston University fax 353-5737
| 19 Deerfield St.
| Boston MA 02215

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