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01-02-2001, 05:57 AM
Dear Colleagues,

I am looking to purchase EMG and force transducer equipment for a physical
therapy laboratory. Any input to the following questions would be much

1. I have in the past used and been pleased with the Therapeutics
Unlimited EMG and Force Modules, but they are no longer being manufactured.
Any suggestions regarding EMG and Force amplifiers as well as EMG
electrodes for surface recordings of muscle activity?

2. Is anyone using the TEL100 Remote monitoring module from Biopac?
Any comments regarding such? What electrodes are you using to record
surface EMG.

3. Are Genisco Load Cells still available - if yes, a phone number of
the company or web page would be appreciated.

I will post a summary.


Darl W. Vander Linden
Department of Physical Therapy - Paulson 353
Eastern Washington University
Cheney, WA 99004

509.623.4334 (FAX)

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