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Lucy Redhead
01-09-2001, 01:45 AM
> We have a well equipped human movement lab which has been run to date on
> an ad hoc basis by academic staff. It is now apparent that an increase in
> the use of the lab and a lack of staff time means that we now need a
> dedicated person to help run the lab.
> We would like this person to offer technical support for the lab, looking
> after force plates, digitising systems, EMG, IKD etc. We would also like
> this to be more than a technical role but also to be that of a Research
> Officer, helping to facilitate existing and new research in the lab and
> organising opportunities to increase lab usage in including consultancy.
> We are looking for advise on the definition of this role. Do you have the
> experience of taking a lab forwards from a teaching lab to a higher level
> research lab ? Do you fulfil this role in a research lab, or do you
> employ someone in this capacity ? Can you give advice on what we should
> be doing and pitfalls we should try to avoid?
> Does it work to have someone looking after the technical support and
> fulfilling the extended role ?
> Can you give us any advice on the job description for this post ?
> Where would be the best place to advertise the post ?
> Any other advice gratefully received !
> Lucy Redhead
> School of Healthcare Professions
> University of Brighton
> England

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