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01-10-2001, 06:26 AM
Applications for graduate study in Exercise Science at the University of
California, Davis are currently being accepted. Researchers within the
Graduate Group in Exercise Science at UC Davis combine theoretical and
experimental approaches to study the interactions between physical
activity, nutrition, metabolism, cardiorespiratory function, environmental
factors, and movement performance. Opportunities for instruction and
research encompass theoretical, basic, and applied elements of form and
function at all levels of biological organization essential to
understanding acute responses to and adaptive consequences of physical
activity, or lack thereof, throughout life. Responses to physical activity
are studied from an integrated biochemical, biomechanical, human
ecological, health, nutritional, physiological, and behavioral
perspective. Students interested in pursuing graduate study in this
exciting area are encouraged to apply to the Exercise Science Graduate
Program at UC Davis. Graduate student support is available through
Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assitantships. Please
visit our Web site to learn more about the program and the application
David Hawkins, Ph.D.
Human Performance Laboratory
Exercise Biology Program - Division of Biological Sciences
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group - College of Engineering
University of California-Davis
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 752-2748 (phone)
(530) 752-6681 (fax)

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