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Ton Van Den Bogert
01-05-1993, 01:48 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

That dreadful mail loop seems to have stopped now. Please clean
up your mailboxes, and try to forget it. Not a good way to start
the new year. The network staff at University of Kentucky
(UKY.EDU) will try to find out what happened. Until the problem
is fixed, *everyone* at UKY.EDU will be disconnected from
Biomch-L. Sorry. Initially, I thought I knew where the problem
was, but when the loop continued I had to disconnect all four
subscribers at UKY, just to be sure.

Several subscribers have notified me that they cannot access the
CARL system, mentioned in my previous posting. After asking for
more information, I found out that CARL no longer is free (that
was just to promote it initially). The cost is $5000/year for
unlimited access from a certain University. Individual
subscriptions (password protected) are $900/year.

The people at CARL were so kind to give us (i.e. Biomch-L) a free
subscription to UnCover from January 6 until January 31. The
access for password subscribers is by telnet to pac.carl.org .
Our password is 'muybridg' (eight characters). Select item 2 in
the first menu, and item 50 in the second menu to get UnCover.
There is a limit of 10 simultaneous users with this password.

Please try first if telnet to uncover.carl.org works. It is
possible that your university has paid for the $5000
subscription, and then you do not need a password (this is what
the University of Calgary has done). Further information can be
obtained by E-mail (help@carl.org) or by phone (303-758-3030).
They are indeed very helpful.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator