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01-15-2001, 03:45 AM

We here are selling off some used Human performance laboratory equipment.

Firstly we are selling a selling a LODE sport electronically braked bike.
This has been earmarked for a home in Australia but no order has been
received yet so it still sits open for collection the going rate is 3000
Irish pounds (US$3843) plus freight. As new they sell for about 7000 Irish
pounds. This equipment is in excellent condition with hardly any use and
zero use in the last 4 years.

Secondly a Quinton Q65 treadmill, which has had a reasonable amount of use
but again is in very good condition. These treadmills are very robust and is
still working well. The going rate for this is 2000 Irish pounds (US$2562)
plus freight. The new list price from the US supplier is US$8900.

Finally we have a Monarch Blood gas analyser. It is a hospital quality unit
with no use over the last 4 years and it has had very little use overall. It
will need an overhaul but we are willing to accept any offer at this stage.
I believe it was purchased for around 30,000 Irish pounds (US$38,430 ). We
will take anything at this stage and the nearest offer to 5000 Irish pounds
(US$6405) plus freight will walk away with it. We would in fact sell it for
2000 Irish pounds plus freight if no other offer came forward.


Danny Rutar
National Coaching and Training Centre
University Of Limerick
Ph: +353 6120289 FX: +35361338174
Email: danny.rutar@ul.ie

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