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Beverly Burke
01-15-2001, 03:50 AM
Dear Biomech:

I am looking for methods to measure force for static holds on an
energized person. This type of work is being done in the residential mental
retardation community and in corrections. The issue is that the employee
may need to Œholdı the resident in a prescribed position to prevent the
resident from hurting others or themselves. The hold is static, I do not
have time data at this time. The holds are prescribed in certain positions,
sitting and lying. At this time a strength requirement of 75# is required
for employment. The number of injuries to employees indicates that this
requirement is not adequate to protect employees from injury. The question
is how to reliably measure what the force requirements need to be to protect
the employees from injury when doing this type of work.

Population doing the holds are open across the population. At this time
there is a requirement that the person be able to lift 75#. Does this
strength parameter meet the requirements of the forces being expended by the
energized person? The amount of injuries among the employee population point
to the inadequacy of this strength requirement. The energized person is
also open across the population. He/she could be any size any weight.

Any ideas on reliable ways to measure the force from an energized person
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Beverly Burke RN CMA CIE

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