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Anthony Schache
01-15-2001, 11:42 AM
Dear Biomechanics list,

I am posting this on behalf of a colleague.

Please send all correspondence to:

Kim Bennell

We are interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with the
newer portable force platforms from AMTI or Kistler. Our movement lab
is on the second floor and we were told a few years ago that if we
wanted to mount a force platform in the floor we would have to do it
close to a structural pillar. We may also move our premises so we
were considering one of the portable force platforms. We intend to
use it for gait analysis including running. My questions relate to
whether they are as accurate and reliable as the other built in
platforms, how difficult it is to build the raised area to support
the portable platform and whether it is likely we would still have a
problem on a second floor area. Any other feedback would be
Associate Professor Kim Bennell
Centre for Sports Medicine Research and Education
University of Melbourne

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