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Bauer - Tony
01-17-2001, 12:28 AM
During my graduate research project, I have found some results
which need clarification. I am comparing heel strike impact force
values (Fz1) during running at 3 m/sec with shoes versus no shoes
measured by a force platform. What I have noticed is that the
barefoot impact force values are actually lower than the shoe
conditions for each subject. I have collected an ample amount of
"good" trials (n= 25) monitored by light beam cells at chest level.
Good trials were defined as a trial that was free of unaltered gait, at
the appropriate speed, and within the force platform boundary. The
shoes selected have similar midsole construction and lasting (i.e.
shape). The original plan was to use the barefoot trials as a
baseline for comparison of impact force magnitudes between
running shoes. It was though that a slow rate (3 m/sec) would have
eliminated this effect. One would think that shoes are not creating
high impact forces during running. We hypothesize that the
barefoot impact force values are lower due to altered gait. It seems
participants proprioceptively run with less heel strike leg extension
in an attempt to decrease heel strike impact forces. Is this the
case, and at what velocity would gait patterns remain relatively the
same. Any other words of advice are welcome.


Kal Valjakka
Lakehead University
School of Kinesiology,
Biomechanics Laboratory

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