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Johan Molenbroek
01-06-1993, 08:09 PM
References for anthropometry of children are for example:
Snyder R.G. e.a. (from University of Michigan)
Anthropometry of U.S. infants and children
Report nr SP 394
Society of Automotive Engineering, Michigan,1975
400 Commonwealth Dr
Warrendale PA 1596
Snyder R.G. e.a.
Anthropometry of infants and youths to age 18 for product safety design
Report nr SP 450 (more then 600 pages)
same publisher
Reynolds H. et al
Development and evaluation of masterbody forms for Three-year old and
six year old child dummies
Michigan University 1976
I thought that all of them are prepared for the Highway Safety
Research Institute and/or for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission
In SNY75 41 and in SNY77 87 variables are measured from both 4000
An other source is the German DIN 33402 where about 50 body dimensions
are tabulated for age groups from 3-65 years; 7000 people are measured
for this standard.
This year a dissertation will be published from my colleque Bea
Steenbekkers for which she has measured about 100 variables from
2400 Dutch children.
With kind regards
Johan Molenbroek
Lecturer Engineering Anthropometry
Faculty Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands