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Paul Treffner
01-23-2001, 03:06 PM
To prospective PhD students on Biomech-L:

We have several opportunities for PhD research in human
movement in the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science,
Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. A small scholarship
(A$5,000 - A$10,000) is available to suitable candidates. Areas of
research include motor coordination dynamics (e.g., automobile
driving, balance), biomechanics (e.g., lifting technique, driving),
neuroscience (e.g., physiological tremor) with supervision under
Drs. Paul Treffner, Rod Barrett, or Stephen Morrison, respectively.

Other opportunities:
- Research in exercise science
- 3-semester Master of Echocardiography
- 2-year Master of Physiotherapy (graduate entry)

For more information please see:

For general enquiries please contact:
Dr. Gillian Renshaw (School of Physiotherapy and Exercise)
+61 7 5552 8392

Paul Treffner
Dr. Paul Treffner
School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
Motor Coordination and Dynamics Laboratory
Griffith University Gold Coast Campus
PMB 50, Gold Coast Mail Centre
QLD 9726, Australia.
Tel: +61 7 55 948215 Fax: +61 7 55 948674

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