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Edward Borland
01-23-2001, 05:21 PM
I'm involved in a website about Tai Chi and I have an idea about recording
someone moving - performing the form, taking the 3d coordinates recorded
and displaying them online.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia and a highly skilled Tai Chi teacher is
available for recording!

We are making the website as a sort of online documentary about well being
and Tai Chi. The site is not commercial and is being produced for the
public to experience.

I have visited http://www.motionanalysis.com/ and was excited by the
possibilities but we need the equipment for a couple of hours not permanently.

I would appreciate anyone in Melbourne (or Australia) that may be able to
assist (is interested!?) in recording this data to email or phone me.

Rendering the information is the next challenge - what to use to flesh out
the stick figures created and then display them online. Flash? A Java
applet? Any relevant URLs or suggestions would be great at this stage.

Thanks and regards,

Edward Borland


suite 2 24 eastern road south melbourne
victoria australia 3205

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