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Scott Delp
01-26-2001, 08:29 AM
You are invited to attend the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis
Conference in Sacramento California (April 25-28, 2001). This
conference brings together engineers, physicians, and therapists who
are interested in human movement. The conference program is posted
at http://www.gcmas.org/meeting.html, and registration materials are
available from Sally Yeats (syeats@shrinenet.org). The conference
will feature three keynote presentations.

Peter R. Cavanagh, Ph.D.,
Pennsylvania State University
Movement Analysis Over Long Durations on Earth and Space

Richard Lieber, Ph.D.
University of California, SanDiego
Insight into Muscle Design Based on Intraoperative Sarcomere Length

Helen Bronte-Stewart, M.D
Stanford University School of Medicine
Postural Instability in Parkinson's Disease: Effects of Medication and Surgery

Posters and scientific sessions will cover: Pediatric Movement
Disorders, Adult Movement Disorders, Movement Analysis Methodology,
Normal Gait, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Foot and Ankle Modeling and
Disorders, Muscle, EMG and Neuromuscular Control, and Orthopaedic

This promises to be a fantastic meeting. I hope to see you in Sacramento!

Scott Delp
2001 GCMA Program Chair

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