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>Subject: Wilhelm Weber
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>Wilhelm Weber was a physicist who made has made significant contributions
>to electromagnetic theory. In fact, Weber, the unit for magnetic flux was
>named after him.
>I have heard the he also made contributions to the field of Biomechanics.
>Can anyone provide some reference on his works, publications, or books on
>Thank you very much.
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Wilhelm Weber and his brother Eduard, who is a physician, wrote a book
"Die Mechanik der menschlichen Gewerkzeuge" published in 1836.

A translation of this book is available:

Mechanics of the human walking apparatus / Wilhelm Weber, Eduard Weber ;
translated from the German by P. Maquet and R. Furlong.
Mechanik der menschlichen Gehwerkzeuge. English
Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1991.

Frank Smith

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