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Herman J. Woltring
09-08-1989, 03:32 AM
Dear Biomch-l readers,

The following posting was distributed on Biomch-l at the beginning of the
summer holiday which may explain why no response was posted onto the list.
Earlier this week, mr Zordan terminated his subscription to BIOMCH-L, possibly
because of disappointment on the number of responses directly received (I did
not check this with him, though).

While BIOMCH-L is intended for academic exchange of information, a direct Call
for Help of this nature warrants special attention. May I call upon all of you,
therefore, to look into Mr Zordan's query, and to send him a direct reply on his

Thanks for your attention -- Herman J. Woltring.


Date: Thu, 6 Jul 89 11:30:00 N
Subject: question

I am not directly involved in biomechanics, but I am interested in the field
as I have a 75% impairment in limb movement. The nature of the impairment is
trauma at the level of the 4th cervical vertebra due to an accident. In prac-
tice my problem is thus the absence of impulses from the CNS directed to my
peripheral muscles (some vegetative functions have also been affected).
My question is: does anybody know of new discoveries in the field of biomecha-
nichs related to electronic devices studied to deliver impulses, at will,
to limbs and extremities so as to recover at least part of the motility ?
I'm asking this because I think I've heard news of the existence of a gadget
of this type.... If true is it still in the purely experimental stage ??
I would really be greatful for any useful information.

Thank you -- Mauro A. Zordan
University of Padova
Department of Biology