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Gosney, Erika
02-28-2001, 09:09 AM
Hi all,

My name is Erika Gosney and I am a 4th year Human Movement student
completing my thesis in Biomechanics. My project entails a field test with
the Australian Army on their Combat Fitness Assessment (CFA), which includes
a 15km forced march and a short obstacle course. The problem that I am
having is that since it is a field test, and the soldiers will be wearing
full combat uniform(long sleeve shirt and pants), the markers for
digitisation that need to be attached to the lower limbs are only on the
uniform and when I attach them from the skin through the clothing and onto
the outside of the uniform the markers keep unattaching from the skin to the
clothing. This is as I need a fixed point and not to allow the markers to
freely swing as they move. There have been several suggestions put to me but
they all include permanent fixtures on the uniform, and this is not an
option since the uniforms are the soldiers own and re-issue is not allowed.

I will post any responses.


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