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Jean-philippe Lepoutre
03-05-2001, 06:25 PM

[1] C. Cao, J. A. Ashton-Miller, A. B. Schultz,
and N. B. Alexander, “Abilities to turn suddenly while
walking: effects of age,gender, and available response
time,” Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, vol.
52A, pp. M88-M93, 1997.

[2] C. Cao, A. B. Schultz, J. A. Ashton-Miller,
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[3] C. R. Gordon, W. A. Fletcher, and G.
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locomotor trajectory,” Experimental Brain Research,
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To the best of my knowledge, the only relevant
references at
present are those by Aftab Patla. The first (1991) of
examined the kinetics of sudden 30 or 60 degrees
turns during
walking at preferred speed. The second study (1999)
looked at
some kinematic factors during 20, 40 and 60 degree
turns and
compared them when subjects had short or long notice
of the turn.
Hase and Stein have also described the strategies used
to make
sudden 180deg during walking and there are a few
comparing the kinetics of sudden turns to those of
initiating and
stopping walking.

Get the Book: Human Walking by Vern Inman

An entire chapter is devoted to Kinematics and is very
help full.

Taper dans biomed ou medline les auteurs suivant :
Grasso R
Glasauer S
Solomon D

Look in PubMed at A.Patla and M. Rand.

“A traveling wave of lateral movement coordinates both
turning and forward walking in the ferret”, Biol
Cybern, 1998 jun; 78(6):pp441-453

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