View Full Version : Sensitive pad for orthopedic measurements

Andrei Chermyanin
03-06-2001, 03:23 AM
I'm at first time here :)

My question to those who have an experience in sensors for biomechanical
or orthopedic measurements:
Which methods are there for measurement of pressure distribution
beneath human foot? To use a matrix of miniature load cells seems to me
much complex and expensive because I must to provide measurements in a
few hundreds points beneath of both foots.
Maybe somebody know other solutions which are less expensive and more
elegant? There is no need to measure during walking, only in static
state, and 5% error is quite acceptable.
I know about "Podia-Scan" mats but I also would like to know about
alternative methods.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, advices, links to resouces etc.


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