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Philippe Zysset
03-07-2001, 06:48 PM

The Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Reliability Analysis at the
Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland is looking for a Ph.D. candidate in bone biomechanics.

Motivated by the understanding of degenerative bone diseases, the research project is conducted in collaboration with other european institutions and aims at establishing the relationships between lamellar organisation, degree of mineralization, porosity and the mechanical properties of bone tissue. The research activity will involve the application of both experimental and numerical techniques such as atomic force microscopy, nanoindentation, tensile testing of microspecimens, synchrotron radiation computer tomography and the nonlinear finite element method.

The seeked candidate is a physicist, mechanical engineer, material sciences or biomedical engineer with a strong motivation in biomechanics. The project requires developed experimental skills and firm bases in solid mechanics. Contributions towards our teaching activities in biomechanics are also expected.

To apply, send a letter of application including CV to

Philippe K. ZYSSET, Ph.D.
CH-1015 Lausanne
E-mail: philippe.zysset@epfl.ch

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