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Moshe Nissan
03-08-2001, 08:36 AM
Dear netters:
Asa a lecturer at BGU in Israel I'm teaching biomechanics to a group of
engineering students. Between other commitments they have to do a project in
which they show their abilities in solving practical or theoretical
engineering problems in biomechanics. Trouble is I have 80 students and
therefore I need some 50-80 different projects. Maybe you can help here?
The students are 4th year mechanical engineering students. They are supposed
to do the project alone or in pairs, spending about 3 hours/week on it
during one academic year. The projects should allow them to show their
skills as mechanical engineers in planning, testing, workshop work,
prototype building, theoretical analysis etc, all together or any
combination of them. The actual building part is limited because of a very
tight budget.
Every suggestion or idea will be be most welcome and seriously considered.
Please sent the replies to: zmnissan@hotmail.co.il and not as a direct
Thank you
Moshe NIssan, PhD,
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