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Anatol Feldman
03-09-2001, 02:41 AM
A few notes about the Progress in Motor Control III meeting to be held
Montreal, August 15-18, 2001:

1. The abstract submission deadline is MARCH 16, 2001

2. The early registration deadline is APRIL 1, 2001

3. Please see our web site for the abstract submission instructions, the

registration form, housing information and preliminary program:


4. We are pleased to announce that with support from the Whitaker
Foundation (USA), we will be able to offer student travel grants, to
help pay for
the costs of travel to the meeting.

- Only North American graduate students are eligible. The Foundation
does not support overseas travel. Post-doctoral fellows are ineligible.
- The amount of the grants will be a maximum of 500$ (US).
- Students must be enrolled in a diploma granting program.
- Any student may apply, but those who submit an abstract to the
meeting will be given priority.
- To apply for a grant, please submit your name, department and
institution, as well as your abstract title. You must submit a letter
your department chair or supervisor confirming your full-time student
- This information can be faxed to: Dr. Anatol G. Feldman, (514)
- For additional information about the Whitaker travel grants, please

contact Philippe Archambault (philippe@alphacom.net).

Dr. Anatol Feldman
Neurological Science Research Center
Department of Physiology
University of Montreal and
Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal
6300 Darlington, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3S 2J4
Tel (514) 340 2078 ext. 2192
Fax (514) 340 2154
Web Site: http://www.crosswinds.net/~afeldman/

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