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Philip Schot
03-09-2001, 08:21 AM
RE: Midwest Student Biomechanics Research Symposium

Our email router appears to have had some problems over the last few
days. On the chance that you may have sent in your contribution and it
was lost to this problem, we can extend the deadline through Monday,
March 12.

So far (as of 4:30 pm local time on Friday) I have received
presentations from the following:

Stephanie Bonin, Equine temporomandibular joint motion during chewing
Jennifer Rogers, Gait changes with unilateral and bilateral upper
extremity loading
Il-Kyu Hwang, Analysis of impact loading during fall arrest
Keith Robers, Forearm stress study using finite element analysis
Jaekun Shim, Biomechanical analysis of the MERIDIAN ELITE shoe
Susan Poole, Dynamic balance during single leg landing

A formal schedule and other information will be distributed next week.

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