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03-12-2001, 12:49 AM
Dear All,

There are two well funded PhD studentships available within
the Bioengineering Sciences Research Group at the
University of Southampton. These studentships are
available for October 2001. A brief description of the two
projects are given below. Further details can be found on
our web page:


1. Development of Reliability Theory for the Structural Integrity
Assessment of Load Bearing Implant/Host Tissue Constructs (Supervised by Dr
Martin Browne)

Reliability theory is a probabilistic approach, which has been identified
as having considerable potential application in the medical device sector.
This approach is much simpler and less computationally expensive than other
complex probabilistic techniques such as the Monte-Carlo method, and has the
advantage of providing partial safety factors, which give a
reliability-based estimate of the safety factors that should be applied
during the design of a medical component. Partial safety factors also give
the designer an idea of what parameters (e.g. dimension, bone quality) are
likely to affect the performance of the component while it is implanted in
the body.

This investigation will focus on clinical failure modes (fatigue
failure/loosening) of the femoral component of the hip replacement.
Ultimately, in combination with finite element analysis, it should be
possible to incorporate this computational tool into future simulations and
predictions for in vivo performance of medical devices.

A studentship of 9800 per annum (tax free) is associated
with this project. This project is funded by the
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

2. Finite element simulation of the failure processes in
cemented total joint replacement: Verification with
experimental data (Supervised by Dr Mark Taylor)

Revision rates for cemented hip joint replacements vary
between 3% and 7% at 10 years. The most common cause of
failure is due to fatigue failure of the cement or of the
stem-cement interface. There is a real need to develop
predictive pre-clinical tests in order to assess the future
performance of total hip joint replacements. Ideally,
these should be virtual tests, so as to allow implant
designers to assess many different implant designs,
quickly and easily. Within the Bioengineering Sciences
Research Group, we are using advance aerospace techniques
(acoustic emissions) to characterise experimentally
the failure of the stem-cement interface and of the
cement mantle. The aim of this project is to use the
experimental data to verify existing computational
models of cement failure. This will then be used
to develop a virtual pre-clinical test method to
assess current and future designs of total hip
joint replacements.

There is a studentship of approx. 11,000 per annum (tax
free). This project is funded by the Arthritis Research

Dr Mark Taylor
Lecturer and Post Graduate Tutor
Bioengineering Sciences Research Group
School of Engineering Sciences
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ

Tel: ++ 44 (0)23 8059 7660
Mobile : ++ 44 (0)7939 101019
Fax: ++ 44 (0)23 8059 3230
Email: mtaylor@soton.ac.uk

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