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Claus Willemer
03-12-2001, 07:45 PM
I work in a research project with acute stroke patients. We want to see
the motor recovery in the first days. We use clinical scores and want to
add tests for the grip and wrist extensors strength.

Grip: pinch grip between thumb and fingers (each finger for itself),
distance about 2,5 cm.

Wrist extension: with fixed forarm, force senor(s) behind the back of
the hand.

-What sensors would you recommand and where can I get these? (strain
gages, piezoelectric sensors, elastic sensors mats)

-Can I get single sensors like Novel uses for the elastic sensor mats
and amplifiers for them?

-Does yet exist any comlete equipment for our use (please not to

-What is the "normal" force for the pinch grip and the wrist extension
(importent for the choice of sensors)?

-Are there any groups that might have experiences in this field?

Thank you very much,
sincerely Yours,

Claus Willemer, PT
Klinikum Mannheim
Universitaet Heidelberg

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