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Andrew Mahar
03-14-2001, 07:46 AM
Hello to the group...

This may seem a bit abstract. I recently spoke to an orthopedic surgeon who
had used an 'inflatable' and 'portable' darkoom that he used between various
radiology departments for quick and easy developing. I searched the web
(didn't bother with biomch-l) and could find nothing about this type of

I now have the need for such an item as I wish to radiograph all specimens
pre- and post-testing in my lab where I have a portable xray machine. I
wish not to take all the cassettes back and forth between my lab and the
developing station across campus.

(1) Has anyone even heard of such a thing?

(2) If so, could they please point me in a direction for contact?

Thanks for the group's help. I will post a summary if anyone believes it is


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