View Full Version : Files on Biomch-l & change of address

Herman J. Woltring
09-12-1989, 08:50 PM
Dear Biomch-l readers,

A few days ago, a new BIOMCH-L subscriber wanted to send a personal note to me.
By mistake, he posted it to BIOMCH-L@HEARN with the SEND/FILE command; by con-
sequence, his note seems to have been distributed all over the world. As it was
in Dutch, the memo must have looked like Alice in Wonderland's Jabberwocky to
most of you.

While he has apologized for his mistake, the incident illustrates that BIOMCH-L
can be used to disseminate real files to the readership (at least on EARN/BIT-
NET/NETNORTH): while email postings should be in alphanumerical format with up
to 80 characters per line, SEND/FILE (VAX/VMS) and corresponding commands on
other systems accomodate other formats such as alpha-numerical material with
more than 80 characters/line and binary code.

Files submitted to BIOMCH-L in this way are not archived in the BIOMCH-L LOGnnmm
files (nn=year, e.g., 89; mm=month, e.g., 09). In the received file, the
originator's address was identified as LISTSERV@HEARN, no indication was
provided that the file was distributed via the BIOMCH-L list, and the identity
of the original poster was not given (fortunately, the file itself identified
the originator). I believe that this is an unfortunate property of LISTSERV,
and Ton van den Bogert and I will consider whether to maintain the FILES=YES
option in the BIOMCH-L profile.

Let me take this opportunity to confirm my change of email address: the current
and past addresses EXWOLT@HEITUE5 and WWTMHJW@HEITUE5 are being phased out, and
the new address is ELERCAMA@HEITUE5.EARN.

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring
Eindhoven, The Netherlands.