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Clara Soper
03-14-2001, 10:50 AM
Hi everyone,

A paper was published in 1973 by Cameron and Davis in the Journal of
Sports Medicine which reports about the successful design and testing
of a swivel football boot. In order to reduce the risk of knee and
ankle injuries due to foot fixation in American football, the authors
designed a shoe which had a swivel plate on the sole. The plate had
four cleats mounted on it and required at least 10 lb of torque to
initiate movement. The boot was tested on 466 players and was found
to be 3x more safer than ordinary football boots. Additionally the
swivel football boot did not significantly affect performance.

I have been trying to locate further information on this boot but
have come up with nothing. If anyone knows of where I can find more
information about the study by Cameron and Davis I would appreciate
your assistance. I am not sure why this boot is not available today
with the advancement in technology over the last 25 years. Is it
because the athletes/coaches/trainers didn't like it? If so, what
didn't they like about it?

Thank you for time,
Clara Soper

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