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Kieran Moran
03-20-2001, 05:19 AM
Dear all

I have been asked just today to make a presentation in 4 days time on
the role of biomechanics in performance enhancement and injury
prevention in sport. This is to be made to a group of
physiotherapists/sports doctors at a local University. Unfortunately, my
institution has only recently set up a Sport Science and Health course.
Therefore, I have limited access to visual resources. What I am looking
for are video clips of sufficient standard to include in a powerpoint

Specifically I am looking for video clips of:
1. Any injuries as they occur

2. A bench press where the bar is thrown into the air (obviously in some
sort of apperatus (other actions would be fine; e.g. squat, shoulder
press etc)

3. Depth jumps

4. Sporting actions: hurdling, long jump, shot put, discus, board diving
or golf ..... showing the action from multiple views.

I realise that if I had more time I could arrange to either film these
myself, or obtain them from a sports channel but unfortunately time is
against me.

Any help you can offer would be most appreciated




Dr Kieran Moran
Centre for Sport Science and Health
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

tel: 00353 - 1 - 7008011
fax: 00353 - 1 - 7008888

e-mail: kieran.moran@dcu.ie

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