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03-21-2001, 04:12 PM
Hello All!

I have created a shareware tool for video based motion analysis. Just to
mention a few features of the software there is video capture, use of vision
techniques for automated digitizing, 3D OpenGL animation, data viewer and
much more. In order to keep the project running and having a commercial free
web site there is a small registration fee for the software after a 10day
trial period. The software was originally intended for students learning
biomechanics in order for them to get a hands-on experience as a complement
to reading the theory in books. But I guess that any one interested can join
in. In the future it is my intention to create a Linux version of the
software based on Open Source. But I am not sure if anyone is already
working on this ? If anybody knows of this kind of project I will be happy
to get some information.


Jan C. Brond

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