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unknown user
03-21-2001, 09:28 PM
Dear list,

I am a PhD student interested in the interaction between percussionists and
their instruments while performing. Until recently it has been on a very basic
level, but I am now involved in a project studying the expressive content in
performances. Musicians and dansers have the refinement of certain movements in
common with athlets, but when performing the purpose of the movement is also to
convey something, an expression. I think this makes these specialised movements
of performers very interesting to study.
I now wonder if any of you know about the informational content in the
movements of the head/neck/shoulder and elbows as compared to the movements of
the hands. What I am looking for is any hint of what the person is
about to do e.g. compensation for the change of mass distribution before lifting
an arm very quickly, or in what order the joints start moving when initiating a
(skilled) transition or anything like that. I am also interested in anything
done about the evaluation of the QUALITY of skilled performances (maybe jerk?).
Please let me know if you have any idea of where to start looking. I'll post a
summary of the responses as ususal.


Sofia Dahl


Speech, music and hearing
Royal Institute of Technology
DKV 31
SE- 100 44 Stockholm

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