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Kunal Katdare
03-22-2001, 06:46 AM
hello all,

i want to know if there were any instrumented/ objective ways to measure the
patellar tendon reflex (not merely its presence or absence). we are
interested in studying the proprioceptive ability of the muscle spindles in
the patellar tendon and were planning to look at the magnitude of knee joint
extension in response to the tap on the tendon.

in a pubmed search as well as a general search on the internet, i have found
a few papers that describe instrumented proprioceptive tests for the knee
(e.g. joint position and angular velocity detection). although these
indirectly relate to what we have in mind, i have not found any direct
reference to measuring the patellar tendon reflex.

can anyone please help me?

thank you.

kunal katdare
research engineer
applied biodynamics lab
boston university
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