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Amy Lerner
03-24-2001, 06:13 AM
I am pleased to announce a NEW summer research program at the
University of Rochester. It is called the RUBI program - Research for
Undergraduates in Biomechanics and Imaging. The goal of the program is to
provide research experiences for between 10 and 15 undergraduate students
during the summer. Students will complete an independent research project
and participate in research as members of a research laboratory. A weekly
series of seminars and lab tours will also provide some background on
biomechanics and imaging, and careers in biomedical engineering research.
The program will run between May 31st and August 13th.

For complete details, see:

Example research areas:
Cell mechanics
Bioeffects of Ultrasound
Orthopaedic Biomechanics
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Ultrasound Imaging
3D / 4D Medical Image Processing
Musculoskeletal Kinematics
Cardiac Biomechanics

Students must have completed their sophomore or junior year in
engineering or another technical discipline, with a G.P.A of 3.0 or
greater. Preference will be given to students considering an advanced
degree and career in research. Members of under-represented minorities or
students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

A stipend of $3500 will be provided for each student. Students
living away from home may also apply for housing and travel allowances. On
campus housing is available. (All stipend levels are pending final
approval from NSF.)

Application information and other program features may be found on
our web page http://www.bme.rochester.edu/bme/RUBI and applications are
due April 6th (submitted to Dottie Welch in Biomedical Engineering). We
expect to notify students by April 23rd of their acceptance in the program.

Questions about the program may be directed to Professors Amy Lerner or
Diane Dalecki, or to Dottie Welch. (see web page for additional e-mail

Amy L. Lerner
Asst. Professor, Biomedical Engineering
215 Hopeman Building
University of Rochester
Box Number 270168
Rochester, NY 14627-0168

Phone: 716-275-7847, Fax: 716-256-2509
e-mail: amlerner@me.rochester.edu
Web Pages:


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