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Ton Van Den Bogert
03-26-2001, 02:31 AM
Dear subscribers,

On March 22, Jan Brond announced his shareware motion analysis software on
Biomch-L. The next day, I received a letter from Gideon Ariel, of Ariel
Dynamics Inc., informing me about a dispute of intellectual property rights
for this software. Below you find Dr. Ariel's letter and Jan Brond's original
Biomch-L posting.

If Mr. Brond wishes to respond to Biomch-L, I invite him to e-mail his
response to me so that I can post his point of view.

Please note that the Biomch-L moderators can make no judgement about this
case. We can only inform you and it is up to you to draw your own


Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

----------------- Forwarded message ----------------------------------------------

> From: "GideonAriel"

I was both shocked and distressed to see on BIOMCH-L that a former, disgruntled, employee has
"misappropriated" our software and is offering it on the Net!! The employee, Jan Brond, initially
worked for me while he was completing his undergraduate degree in Denmark. The ideas for that
software, APASView, were mine and he was directed and reimbursed by me during his final year at the
University. I worked with some of his professors, including Dr. Erik Simonson and Dr. Poul Polson, who
utilize several of our software/hardware systems in their laboratories. Together, we searched for a
qualified student to work for me and to implement my ideas in the program. His professors and
I worked closely to complete this software so that it would perform the way I wanted it to function as
well as to be sure there would be no violation of University guidelines for hiring a student to write
software code for me and receive compensation.

After he completed his degree, Jan and his family wanted to move to California to work for me in
my office. In addition to assisting them to establish a life here, we also secured an H1B visa for Jan so
that he could legally work for us in the United States. One of the requirements for obtaining an H1B
visa is that the American company must request that a specific foreign worker be allowed to come to
the US as an EMPLOYEE of that company. My company, Ariel Dynamics, applied and received this visa
specifically for Jan. Therefore, any and all programs, partial or completed, that he contributed to are
the sole property of Ariel Dynamics.

Jan worked for us on several software projects and all of the ideas and code are our intellectual
property. We are currently pursuing some of the legal and financial remedies that are available to
protect the theft of our intellectual property.

At the present we are taking a legal action against Jan Brond in Denmark and also taking legal
action against the company that he is currently employed with.

Our APASlight which part of it was written by Jan for us as our employee is included and the total
software package is very comprehensive for obtaining Kinematic data. Every novice can download the
software and use it for free. The software include, Digitizing, automatically and manually,
Transformation (DLT), Filtering, and Displaying.

You can download the APASlight software for free at http://www.arielnet.com

Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.

> Subject: [BIOMCH-L] ShareWare - Video based motion analysis
> Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 07:12:06 +0100
> From: Jan Brond
> Hello All!
> I have created a shareware tool for video based motion analysis. Just to
> mention a few features of the software there is video capture, use of vision
> techniques for automated digitizing, 3D OpenGL animation, data viewer and
> much more. In order to keep the project running and having a commercial free
> web site there is a small registration fee for the software after a 10day
> trial period. The software was originally intended for students learning
> biomechanics in order for them to get a hands-on experience as a complement
> to reading the theory in books. But I guess that any one interested can join
> in. In the future it is my intention to create a Linux version of the
> software based on Open Source. But I am not sure if anyone is already
> working on this ? If anybody knows of this kind of project I will be happy
> to get some information.
> http://www.geeware.com
> Jan C. Brond

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