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Tobias Siebert
04-01-2001, 08:08 PM
Dear list members,
we examine muscle properties (passive and active forces) of m. triceps
brachii (rattus norvegicus) under locomotion like conditions with
supramaximal stimulation.
I'm interested in:
1. other research groups or literature, which investigate dynamics of
small mammal fore leg muscles
2. fascicle length (muscle fiber bundle length) of forelimb muscles
(specifically m. triceps brachii [ c. longum, c. laterale, c. mediale])
and hindlimb muscles of rattus norvegicus and galea musteloides
3. existing m. triceps brachii mucle architecture models (c. longum, c.
laterale, c. mediale) of rattus norvegicus.

Best Regards,
Tobias Siebert.

Tobias Siebert
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Institute of Sport Science
Dep. of Biomechanic
Seidelstr. 20
07749 Jena


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