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04-01-2001, 11:25 PM

Academic Biomedical Engineering Research Group


Following neurological damage, such as stroke and multiple sclerosis,
many patients are left with some degree of movement disability. This
work aims to study the electrical activity in muscles during walking and
use these to characterise walking patterns in these patients.

The project requires the development and implementation of hardware and
software tools to measure, record and analyse movement and muscle
activity. The system must be reliable and robust enough for use by
patients and clinical staff in a hospital setting. The project requires
the student to obtain a good understanding of impaired and unimpaired
walking and will therefore involve working directly with patients and

The post holder will follow a structured training programme both at the
university and the hospital to develop engineering skills and research
methods. Clinical experience in other aspects of biomedical engineering
will be provided as part requirement of taking this opportunity further
into professional registration.

The successful post holder should have, or expect to graduate with, a
good honours (class 1 or 2i) degree in engineering, preferably
electronics but certainly demonstrating completion of electronic
options. Experience in biomedical engineering research is not required,
though an interest to work in this field is necessary. The studentship
covers student fees and a living allowance.

The position is to be based in the Department of Medical Physics and
Biomedical Engineering in Salisbury District Hospital. The department
has an excellent reputation in biomedical engineering, in particular in
restoring movement patterns using electrical stimulation. This project
has close links directly with the work in that field.

For further information please contact Dr Duncan Wood on +44 (0)1722
429121 or e-mail d.wood@mpbe-sdh.demon.co.uk

Dr Duncan Wood
Principal Clinical Engineer
Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Salisbury District Hospital
Salisbury Health Care NHS Trust
Wiltshire SP2 8BJ

Tel: +44-1722-429121
Fax: +44-1722-425263
E'mail: d.wood@mpbe-sdh.demon.co.uk
Web: or

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