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Ole Kiehn
04-02-2001, 05:56 AM
Is it possible for you to forward this to the members of the server?

Ole Kiehn, Associate Professor, MD. D.Sci.
Section of Neurophysiology
Department of Physiology
The Panum Institute
Blegdamsvej 3
2200 Copenhagen

Phone: 45 35327453
Fax: 45 35327499


Principles of spinal cord function, plasticity and repair

The present conference will create a forum for a discussion of the basic
principles for the organisation, information processing, functional
adaptation and plasticity in the spinal cord. With this as a background,
the new and exciting discoveries on regenerative/reparative processes in
the spinal cord will be discussed.
The conference is open for Ph.D. students, postdocs and established
researchers. In addition to the scheduled talks the symposium include
master classes and poster sessions.

Organisers: Jens Schouenborg (Sweden), Ole Kiehn (Sweden)), Sten Grillner
(Sten Grillner), Hans Hultborn (Denmark) and Martin Garwicz (Sweden).

Place and time: Ystad, Sweden - 22-25 September 2001.

·Aldskogius, H
·Barbeau, H
·Binder, MD
·Bizzi, E
·Cullheim, S
·de Leon, RD
·Drew, T
·El Manira, A
·Fetz, EE
·Garwicz, M
·Grillner, S
·Hounsgaard, J
·Hultborn, H
·Jacobs, BL
·Jankowska, E
·Jessell, TM
·Kiehn, O
·Le Bars, D
·McMahon, SB
·Mendell, LM
·Murray, M
·Nicholls, JG
·Nielsen, JB
·O'Donovan, MJ
·Orlovsky, GN
·Raisman, G
·Rossignol, S
·Sandkuhler, J
·Schouenborg, J
·Sillar, KT
·Sjölund, B
·Vinay, L
·Wallén, P
·Wiesenfeld-Hallin ·Willis, WD

For further information:
1)Visit the conference Website:
2) Contact: Ms Susanne Rosander, Department of Physiological Sciences, Lund
University, Sweden. Phone: +46-46-2227752, fax: +46-46-2224546, e-mail:

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