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04-04-2001, 02:43 AM
I am moving laboratories to somewhere that is being built to my
specifications and firstly I am looking for maximum vibration levels
acceptable for force platform (Bertec) measurmements for all types of
postural and gait research, recommended by anyone who has had
concerns about this with their laboratories.
My lab will unfortunately not be on the ground floor but the new floor can be
built to accommodate my specification. Any suggestions are welcome,
along with any others for accommodating different plate positions and
general motion analysis lab requirements for an ifrared, multicamera
camera system with 2 force platforms.
Thankyou in advance,
Cathy Holt
Dr Cathy Holt, Senior Research Associate
Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory Manager
Medical Engineering Group
Div. of materials and Minerals
Cardiff School of Engineering
Cardiff University, The Queens Buildings, The Parade, Cardiff
PO Box 685
029 20874533

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