View Full Version : Strain Tensor Gage -- Application Survey

Doug Anderson
04-04-2001, 07:26 AM

I would appreciate an indication whether members of the list see potential
applications for a gage that measures the complete strain tensor as a
function of time. This gage measures strain inside a solid, yielding the
strain ellipsoid, octahedral shear, principle strains (magnitude and
orientation), and shear strain on any plane.

I am a geophysicist, and have used this instrumentation in dynamic
analysis of explosive impact on rock. However, I have been subscribing to
this list for several years, feeling that there are potential applications
in biomechanics, but have not inquired until now from the community
whether those feelings are justified.

I have a few thoughts as to potential uses, such as measurement of
compressive and shear strain in shoe insoles, dynamic response of
protective equipment, etc., but would rather hear what you think.

Any feedback is much appreciated, and potential collaborations would be

Regards, and thanks in advance.

Douglas A. Anderson, Ph.D.

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