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Sizwe Dhlamini
04-04-2001, 10:28 PM
Dear Biomch-L users,

I am looking for the stiffnesses and dampings of the different human joints,
and also the range of rotations allowed for the 3 rotations at each joint to
make a realistic a golf swing. Also looking for the stiffness of leg(waist
to knee) +(knee to ankle), torso (waist to shoulders) , arms (shoulder to
wrist) and hand (wrist to tip)

If you can suggest otheruseful websites or books/ papers. please let me

I have looked at;
1. T Mita, $B!H (BThe Human Skill of Dynamically Coordinated Motion Control- an
examination on simulation $B!I (B, Univ of Electro-Communications, 2001-02-05.
2. MC Siff, $B!H (BBallistic analysis of Human Knee Stability $B!I (B, University of
the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1986.
3. WS Harris,
$B!H (Bhttp//isb.ri.ccf.org/biomch-L/archives/biomch-L-1997-06/00152-html $B!I (B, Dept
of Cybernetics, Reading University, UK,1997.

I have found;
Stiffness of knee 6750N/m [2], Damping
constant 0.117 [2]
Stiffness of ankle 9515 [2], Damping constant
0.148 [2]
Stiffness of elbow (range) 2Nm/rad to 350Nm/rad [3]

Otherwise is it safe to assume
Stiffness of wrist 5000N/m , Damping
constant 0.15
Stiffness of shoulder 2500N/m , Damping
constant 0.15
Stiffness of waist 1000N/m , Damping
constant 0.15

Thank you, and best regards
Sizwe Dhlamini
Doctoral Student (Robotics)

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