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Ray Pitch
04-08-2001, 07:55 PM
I am a long/ultra distance (amateur - 40-45 Yr age grouper) Triathlete. I am seeking authoritative articles/paper son how best to 'size' my bike. I have received conflicting information from two coaches and I find the commercial sites similarly at odds with each other.

It seems that most of the models rely upon the Hinault/Genzling method - but the Triathletes claim that this is geared around 'pack' cyclists who are (1) able to draft and (2) do not have to worry about running afterwards.

What research has been done (& with what findings) for Triathletes esp @ the IronMan distances (180km BIke/ 42Km run).

I'd be willing to help co-ordinate some research from amongst my fellow IronMan competitors if this would help.


Ray Pitch

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